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The Grand Re-opening of 18 Properties of Cape & Kantary Hotels on 1 July 2020 with Its Pledge of Total Confidence in New Measures for Worry-free Travel.

The Grand Re-opening of 18 Properties of Cape & Kantary Hotels on 1 July 2020 with Its Pledge of Total Confidence in New Measures for Worry-free Travel.

     18 properties of Cape & Kantary Hotels are due to re-open on 1 July 2020, more than ready to welcome guests seeking some well-deserved relaxation and peace of mind.  All Cape and Kantary properties have implemented a range of strict measures of hygiene and cleanliness for the protection of all, staff and guests alike, from the threat of the Covid-19 virus.  As an added bonus and to celebrate the reopening of our hotels we are delighted to offer those looking forward to staying with us a new array of very special bonuses and promotions that we have never offered before.

     Over April, May and June 2020, Cape & Kantary Hotels took the opportunity to prepare fully for re-opening.  There was a chance to carry out the necessary deep cleaning to ensure the safety of newly-arriving guests.  Some properties have undergone a degree of renovation and modernisation, refurbishing and improving guest rooms and facilities.  There has also been a series of intensive training programmes for staff so that we are more than ready to open our doors to welcome back former guests and to delight in greeting new arrivals.

      Ms. Tirawan Taechaubol, Owner & Group Project Development Manager of Cape & Kantary Hotels, expressed confidence in the systems and initiatives established by Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health in controlling the Corona Virus Pandemic, a dreadful event which has also ravaged the tourist industry worldwide. “When the situation has been resolved and confidence returns to the travelling public,” she said, “Thai tourists will want to take full advantage of the situation to relax and travel once more. It is the privilege and responsibility of our hotels to fulfil their wishes with emphasis on cleanliness and the consequent health and safety of all guests. Cape & Kantary Hotels will be enforcing new measures which our staff have been trained to follow. We have laid down strict guidelines for the cleanliness of our hotels, with strong emphasis on rooms which will offer relaxation resulting from reassurance.  Standards of hygiene in our restaurants, our kitchens, our laundries and facilities such as swimming pools and fitness studios will be second to none.  Similarly the personal hygiene standards of staff will be strictly monitored and enforced.  We intend that our guests will feel totally safe and relaxed as if they were in their second home. That is, of course, coupled with the maximum convenience that they will experience when staying with us.

        Cape & Kantary Hotels rigidly follow the measures laid down by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Public Health (Thailand). Our Chefs and other staff have undergone supplementary training regarding their personal hygiene, supervised and monitored by a qualified medical team of doctors and pharmacists. All properties will use extra-strength 75% alcohol-based cleaning materials in servicing all public areas including lobbies, elevators, door handles, light-switches and public toilets. All guest accommodation is regularly sanitised along with restaurants, fitness centres, spas and hotel public areas.  Extensive deep-cleaning is carried out in all accommodation before guests are welcomed to their suite where we pay particular attention not just to furniture but include the mini bar, wardrobe and all appliances which are thoroughly disinfected with 75% alcohol. During this treatment doors and windows are opened to allow warm sunlight and natural fresh air to flood the accommodation.

Hotels pay great attention to water quality which is tested once a week by sending samples to a certified laboratory for verification of cleanliness and safety. We include drinking water, ice, tap water, water from the swimming pool and from the kitchens in this process.

        We apply Social Distancing in all public areas of our hotels, in restaurants, meeting rooms, fitness centres, spas, swimming pools and on the beach.  This is done by distancing and reducing the number of seats in the lobby and in restaurants. All guests, staff and other arrivals, for example delivery personnel, are temperature-scanned on arrival. Guests will have their suitcases and other luggage sanitised upon check-in. We provide 75% alcohol for guests in all hotel public areas and in front of elevators. We also provide all guests with a special hygiene set with alcohol upon check-in. All food and beverage outlets are sanitised and serviced according to current Government food-safety recommendations and strict company policy.


      Ms. Tirawan Taechaubol has announced that Cape and Kantary Hotels has released a brand-new series of attractive and exciting deals which will encourage potential guests to stay with us. She said, “We have decided to launch these special promotions to make planning their trip as exciting as possible and to maximise our guests’ enjoyment during their stay with us.  The special pre-paid vouchers with special room rates carry many supplementary benefits, the most attractive of which is for guests at Cape Fahn Hotel. Guests can book one night at this luxury 5-star hotel and receive free accommodation and breakfast for a second night’s stay on the hotel’s private island in Samui.

      Mr. Poomiphat Navanukroh, Group Director, Travel Industry of Cape & Kantary Hotels, feels very confident about the preparations being put in place.  “I am quite convinced that, through the efforts made by so many over the past few weeks, Cape and Kantary hotels are completely ready to welcome guests for this exciting re-opening. We are hopeful that, as the situation improves, the local travel market in Thailand will go from strength to strength and we look forward once more to receiving the usual favourable feedback from guests.  Our hotels have increased their standard of cleanliness and hygiene as well as staff and guest safety, a factor which is guaranteed and endorsed by the certificate awarded by the Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration and a similar accolade from the Tourist Authority of Thailand through the Safety and Health Administration Certificate from the Ministry of Public Health.

      Cape and Kantary hotels are ready not only to welcome tourists, of course, but also residents for MICE & Corporate events.  Mr. Wiwat Tangjitkobboon, Group Director, Corporate of Cape & Kantary Hotels, said, “We are confident that seminars and meetings which had to be suspended during pandemic will be starting with renewed energy, particularly in businesses that have been impatiently waiting for the opportunity to get back to work. For Weddings, ceremonies large and small and other celebrations which guests had planned for auspicious dates and times, our hotels are ready to serve them to our very best ability with the supreme service from a committed and professional staff team.

      Specific new measures will be in place for meetings and seminars to ensure the comfort and safety of all delegates and visiting dignitaries. There will be a ‘one-way system’ for entering and leaving meeting venues and all attendees will be required to wear a face mask for the protection and peace of mind of all present. Social Distancing will be encouraged in all situations where people have to queue and meeting tables will be separated by at least 1 metre. The hotels will prepare individual food and drink servings which will be available by means of a queuing and self-service system. There will be increased frequency of cleaning and sanitisation of all public areas especially during corporate and social events and alcohol-based hand-sanitizers will be made available in all public areas.  After each event is finished the entire area will be sprayed with a sanitizer and a cleaning team will carry out detailed cleaning.

     Cape & Kantary Hotels operates 22 leading properties around Thailand. 18 properties will be operating on 1 July 2020 of which 11 are re-opening including Cape Fahn Hotel, Private Islands, Koh Samui (SLH); Cape Nidhra Hotel, Hua Hin (SLH); Cape Kudu Hotel, Koh Yao Noi (SLH); Cape Panwa Hotel, Phuket; Kantary Hotel, Korat; Cape Racha Hotel, Sriracha; Kantary Bay Hotel, Sriracha; Kantary Beach Hotel, Khao Lak; Kantary Bay Hotel, Phuket; Somewhere Hotel, Koh Sichang and Karavel House Hotel, Sriracha.               7 properties including Cape House Hotel, Bangkok; Kantary Hotel,      Ayutthaya; Kameo Grand Hotel, Rayong; Kantary Bay Hotel, Rayong; Classic Kameo Hotel, Rayong; Kantary Hotel, Amata, Bangpakong and Kantary 304 Hotel, Prachinburi are already open.  The other 4 properties will open in August and September 2020.

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