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Cape & Kantary Hotels Invites Tourists to Explore  The Love Island of Koh Sichang  And Sweet Dreams at Somewhere Hotel Koh Sichang.

Cape & Kantary Hotels Invites Tourists to Explore The Love Island of Koh Sichang And Sweet Dreams at Somewhere Hotel Koh Sichang.

Cape & Kantary Hotels invites tourists to experience sight-seeing around Koh Sichang.  On this trip, one can stay at Somewhere Hotel Koh Sichang and see the many of the delightful attractions of Koh Sichang.  There are historical sites, love stories, places of natural splendour and beautiful beaches, which attract a steady flow of tourists.  Visitors may be excused for thinking that they have mistakenly slipped into Paradise.

Koh Sichang is a small island with immense charm.  One can witness the simple lifestyle of local people and truly relax on this small, almost intimate island.

We suggest starting your trip by taking a ‘skylab’, a motorcycle rickshaw very suitable for travelling quickly and safely on Koh Sichang.  A skylab driver can be your local guide and take you to visit interesting locations.

When you come here, make time to see Phra Chudadhuj Palace, the remnants of King Rama V’s summer palace, one of the places that is very popular with tourists.  The main structure was moved to Bangkok in 1900, yet several Victorian-style structures and gardens remain. 

After that, go to other famous attractions such as the Asdang Bridge, where you can relax with deep breaths of the pure sea breeze, Wat Asdangkhanimitr, a unique temple that features an intriguing mix of Thai and gothic architecture and The Bell Stone, a natural rock formation shaped like a frog that rings like a bell when stuck by a stone. This attraction is located near Wat Asdangkhanimitr.

Then go to and pay your respects to Buddha’s Footprint, a fascinating cultural relic located at the end of a scenic footpath directly above San Jao Phaw Khao Yai.  Go also to San Jao Phaw Khao Yai, a grand Chinese temple set high on a cliff.  Within the complex are many caves containing intricate shrines.

A further famous attraction is Chong Khao Khad, a picturesque public park featuring an elevated promenade and several pavilions.  The park offers amazing views of the island’s striking topography and is an ideal spot to watch the setting sun.

As a reward for one’s efforts one can then return to Somewhere Hotel Koh Sichang.  This chic, boutique hotel, newly opened in May 2016 and the most upmarket residence on the island, has so much to set it apart from any other hotel on the island.  It features a collection of 20 air-conditioned deluxe rooms and luxurious suites, offering trendy comfort and relaxing bliss in three different formats: The Deluxe Room; The studio Suite; and the One Bedroom Suite.  All the rooms are well-appointed and fully furnished with stylish modern furniture set in an airy, nautical décor.  In-room amenities include: widescreen LED TV with satellite television channels; DVD player; walk-in shower; free in-room Wi-Fi; and a key card system to ensure your safety.

Hotel facilities include a swimming pool, a meeting room accommodating up to 40 people), a bar, 24-hour front desk service and helpful concierge and security.  Pride of place goes to the Verandah Restaurant, providing a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere and a magnificent menu offering dishes that can be found in no other hotel on the island.  You can just relax and enjoy your free time in this hotel.

Then on the way home, you can go and pay your respects to Guan Yin Shrine, located On Koh Loy of Sriracha district.  There is the White Jade Guan Yin.  This one, 4 metres tall and set in a Chinese-style building, is the tallest White Jade Guan Yin in Thailand. Returning to the mainland, you will be ready for a good restaurant and a good café to tantalise your taste buds.  Café Kantary, Bangsaen, is your best choice.  It’s at one of the Cape & Kantary Hotels located near Bangsaen beach next to Bangsaen roundabout.  It’s the place to relax and enjoy such mouth-watering dishes as Meat Lover’s pizza, Chicken Taco, Salmon Carpaccio, Pork Katsu curry rice, or if you fancy something sweet, a Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Black Forest Crêpe, Paris Éclair, Mille-feuille, or Oh, là- là chocolate banana toast will hit the spot.

For our business guests, Somewhere Koh Sichang Hotel offers you a special “Meeting Package” from now until December 31st with the rates starting from 1,530 Baht per Person during mid-week and 1,880 Baht per person on weekends.  Visit our website at

Details are available from the Cape & Kantary Hotels Bangkok Sales Office on: 0- 2253 3791-7 Ext. 123; Fax. 0-2253-0414; via email at: ; or through our Call Centre: 1627 or

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