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Somewhere Koh Sichang

Somewhere Koh Sichang

Somewhere Koh Sichang to Open by March 2016

            Cape & Kantary Hotels will open a new small but splendid boutique hotel in Koh Sichang, Chonburi Province, called Somewhere Koh Sichang by the end of March, 2016.

             Somewhere Koh Sichang features a collection of 20 air-conditioned deluxe rooms, offering comfort and bliss with an airy, nautical décor.  In room amenities include: widescreen LED TV with satellite television channels, DVD player, walk-in shower, free in-room Wi-Fi, and a key card system to ensure your safety.

              Hotel facilities include a swimming pool, The Veranda restaurant, a meeting room (which can accommodate up to 40 people), a bar, 24-hour front desk service, a helpful concierge, security and around-the-clock maintenance, and bicycle parking area.

             For more information, please contact the Cape & Kantary Hotels Bangkok Sales Office at tel: (66) 0 2253 3791-7, via email at: or through our call centre by dialling 1627.


About Koh Sichang

From the moment that you step off the ferry, you can tell that something is different about this place. The facades of rows of handsome little homes dot the hillside in the distance. As you walk through the narrow streets, locals great you with a warm smile as they go about their daily chores in front of their humble kiosks. You walk down a road flanked by stately trees swaying in the wind and stumble onto the old summer residence of King Rama V, a complex of immaculate gardens and baronial residences. You continue exploring and notice that he sound of morsels of pork sizzling on a grill is clearly audible; there are few cars on the road to drown out the music of daily life. You notice that no one is in a hurry and everyone seems to know each other. This town seems snatched from a simpler time, the beach is free of business and open for leisure. The shops sell food and clothing made for locals, by locals. The streets are lined with homes and daily life goes on at a breezy, idyllic pace. This is Koh Sichang, a small island with immense charm, home to Somewhere Koh Sichang.


Getting to Koh Sichang

If you are coming from Bangkok, you may take a taxi straight to Koh Loi Pier, or drive your own car to one of our Cape, Kantary or Kameo properties in Sriracha (it will be well looked after) and continue on via our shuttle bus to Koh Loi Pier. The 100 km trip from Bangkok to the pier is very easy to arrange and will take approximately 1 hour and thirty minutes, along either the Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway or the Bangna-Trad Expressway.  From Koh Loi Pier, catch the ferry to Koh Sichang. The ferry leaves every hour and should take approximately 45 minutes to reach the island. Once you reach the Koh Sichang pier, disembark and board our private tuk-tuk (also known as a samlor on Koh Sichang) that will then take you to Somewhere Koh Sichang.


Activities and sights to see:


• Phra Chudadhut Palace – The remnants of King Rama V’s summer palace. The main structure was moved to Bangkok in 1900, yet several Victorian-style structures and gardens remain.


• San Jao Phaw Khao Yai – A grand Chinese temple set high on a cliff. Within the complex are many caves containing intricate shrines.


 • Buddha’s Footprint – A fascinating cultural relic located at the end of a scenic footpath directly above San Jao Phaw Khao Yai.


 • Wat Asdangkhanimitr – A unique temple that features an intriguing mix of Thai and gothic architecture.


Bell Stone – A natural rock formation shaped like a frog that rings like a bell when stuck by a stone. This attraction is located near Wat  Asdangkhanimitr.


• Chong Khao Kard – A picturesque public park featuring an elevated promenade and several pavilions. The park offers amazing views of the island’s striking topography and is an ideal spot to watch the sun set.


Taam Pang Beach – An alluring beach with few tourist, and vendors selling great snacks.


Rent a bicycle at one of many rental shops on the island and ride around the island. One can ride around the whole island at a leisurely pace in less than half a day.


 Book a trip to go snorkelling in the waters around Koh Khang Khao

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